Ground Control to Major Tom


We’ve had a few emails lately asking us what’s going on: no new instruments on the site, everything’s sold. Are we asleep, is JGG still alive?

Well, the answer is yes, we are alive, and not so much asleep, but in a chrysalis, shortly to emerge transformed and bigger and brighter and better than before.

First of all, as some of you pointed out, nearly everything was sold and we really needed to get some more guitars. Finding really good instruments is time consuming. We’ve learned a lot since we started in 2008 about what we think really makes a good vintage guitar. This knowledge ensures you better instruments but tracking them down involves research, travelling, following leads, a lot of legwork and finally sitting down and playing each and every one of them before we buy. But we’ve done it and we’ve got a fantastic collection of instruments to offer you now.

The next step was to get all these new instruments checked over by our techs, photographed and written up. We also decided that these lovely new pieces deserved a new website, which looks nicer and more modern, and at the same time should be clearer, easier to use and search or browse through.

We’re right in the middle of this process now. The new site is designed and we’re putting the finishing touches to the programming. At the same time, in a studio somewhere in South London we put in a very long day with photographer Robb Horsley working through a bunch of the new stock. Have a look.

So the answer is, yes, we’re alive, and very busy, and the fruits of that labour will shortly be with you. And, if you’d like a little sneak peak at the list of new stock before it goes up drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

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