Gibson ES-125 1964We are quite often asked by JGG customers what our most popular vintage guitar model is. This may be just to see what others are buying or perhaps it’s because customers are looking for a really good investment.

Regardless of the reason, we thought we would investigate our records to see what actually was our most popular guitar model. The answer was very interesting.

We guessed initially that it might be something like our very popular Gibson ES-175’s or maybe even the timeless ES-330, but in actual fact (and by quite a long margin) it turned out to be the Gibson ES-125.

There is something about the classic design, unrivaled tone and sheer versatility of this great Gibson guitar that really resonated with a lot of players and clearly a lot of JGG customers too.

Gibson ES-125TC 1960The Gibson ES-125 had a number of different model variations over the years and we have pretty much stocked them all at one point or another here at JGG.

Btw – In case you are puzzled by all the different variants and there different codes here is a quick guide:

  • ES-125 Full body archtop with single P-90 pickup
  • ES-125T (T = Thinline)
  • ES-125TC (C = Cutaway)
  • ES-125TCD (D = Double P-90 pickups) versions available starting in 1956 and 1960, respectively.
  • ES-125C Full width body with cutaway
  • ES-125CD Full width body, double pickup (P90) with cutaway. Looks like the ES-175D without neck binding

Gibson ES-125 1953So there you have it, our most popular guitar is by far and away the Gibson ES-125 and if you want to see what the fuss is all about with these incredible Gibson guitars, then have a browse through the site to hear and see more about this amazing Gibson guitar.

If you want to hear what one of these guitars can do in the hands of a master then you need go no further than checking out the music of long-time ES-125 player George Thorogood.

Here’s a great interview with George from the Gibson website where he discusses his love for the Gibson ES-125.



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  1. I know the ES-125 is a great guitar, but I wonder if it’s popularity has to do with it being one of the least expensive. How many would choose an ES-125 over an ES-175 or L-4 if the price were the same?

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