Vintage Guitars Buyer's Guide,Vintage Guitars – Buyer’s Guide

Here at JGG we are always looking for new or better ways to interact with our customers and as a result we’ve come up with a great plan. We are always being asked about what to look out for in a vintage guitar or whether this guitar or that is a better buy in the vintage market. So, here is our vintage guitars buyer’s guide.

Obviously it takes some experience and ‘know-how’ to spot real bargains in the vintage guitar world and indeed be able to spy an all-original instrument from one that has been customised or altered by previous owners.

Because of this, we have been compiling a number of common questions that we are asked (often on a weekly basis) about the whole business of buying vintage guitars and with the expert help of Russ (the owner of JGG and vintage guitar guru) have put a buyer’s guide together.

This guide will give you (the customer) the benefit of JGG’s vast expertise in the vintage guitar market and also guide you towards the guitar of your dreams, without breaking the bank balance.

Vintage Guitars Buyer's Guide,We’ve addressed a lot of common queries and hopefully provided you with a platform from which to make your own informed opinions about any instruments you might be considering.

This free guide will be available very soon and will be going out first to our VIP mailing list members, so if you haven’t signed up as yet then please do so from the box at the top of the page or e-mail us and we’ll happily add you in.

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