Fender-Amps-at-JGG-300x215Vintage Fender Amps – Whilst we spend a lot of our time here at JGG with beautiful vintage guitars, we also love vintage¬†Fender amps – aka old tube amps. These wonderful tone machines are just unsurpassed in their design and deliver everything from clean mellow jazz tones through to crunchy rock’n’roll and beyond.

We stock everything from the small (but mighty) Champ line through to Deluxe Reverbs and Vibroverbs. From combos through to vintage amp heads we pretty much have the entire vintage Fender line covered.

So if you are looking for the Fender amp of your dreams with a sound to match, then you’ll be sure to find something in our range to satisfy your tone cravings. All our amps are fully tested and ready for your next gig or recording.

Fender-Amps-at-JGG-3-150x150In an age when more and more guitar players are demanding great vintage tone and a ‘no-frills’ approach from their amplifiers, why not go for the real thing, avoid the expensive ’boutique’ copies and get the real deal.

All these amps are featured on countless classic recordings and in the backline setup of many touring professionals and for good reason; they just sound great. Why not find out which one would suit you best?


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