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These days everybody it seems has a presence on social media, whether it be Facebook or Twitter etc. Here at Just Great Guitars we also have a number of pages and channels on social media, which should appeal to all fans of vintage guitars.

So, if you haven’t come across us as yet outside of this website, then please do join us on the other popular social media sites.

For our tweeting Twitter fans we are located here: Just Great Guitars on Twitter

We have a very lively Facebook page with over 1,300 followers! Join us here: Just Great Guitars on Facebook

Our YouTube video guitar channel has LOTS of vintage guitar and amp demos, some of which are only available there. The channel is growing fast, so please do check it out here: Just Great Guitars on YouTube

A newer social media platform which is wonderful for posting photos of beautiful vintage instruments is Pinterest. Our page is here: Just Great Guitars on Pinterest

There is also our Google+ page too: Just Great Guitars at Google+

We’ll very likely be adding more to this list in the near future, but if you are overwhelmed by all this social media frenzy and would like to stay in touch in a more relaxed fashion, then do please consider joining our mailing list.

We won’t bombard you with daily sales pitches, but just the occasional whisper about some very nice vintage guitars.


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