Gibson-CS356-300x225JGG are proud to announce the arrival of the John Lee Collection. John Lee is the former guitarist for ‘Edison Lighthouse’ and JGG recently acquired a number of very fine and rare instruments and amplifiers from his personal collection.

These include a Gibson Custom Shop CS356 (with Bigsby), a Fender ‘SRV’ Signature Stratocaster, a gorgeous Gallagher G-70 acoustic (with custom fitted case) and a Gibson Les Paul Collector’s Choice No﹟1 (the Peter Green/Gary Moore model)

These instruments are not only highly desirable but are in pristine condition with all authentic documentation included. The quality and tone from these rare guitars is absolutely stunning and has to be seen/heard to be believed.LP-Collectors-e1396203203579-300x225

We’ve seen some fabulous instruments over the years here at JGG, but even we were speechless over these incredible guitars.

Our heartfelt thanks go to John for introducing us to his amazing collection and for choosing JGG to feature these wonderful guitars.


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  1. is john lee still alive?

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