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Vintage Guitar Buyer’s Guide

One of our great pleasures here at JGG is answering customer’s questions regarding buying a vintage guitar.

As we often get asked very similar questions on topics such as value, originality and how to really assess vintage guitars, we’ve decided to put together our very own vintage guitar buyers guide.

We think it’s just what you might need in answering the most common queries and you can get it for free by contacting us with the form below.

Answers to Top Questions when buying a vintage guitar

  • Is it original?
  • Playability vs originality
  • Checking the sound acoustically
  • Gibson, Guild, Gretsch, Epiphone or Fender?
  • How much?

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  1. Next year (10/09/16) I will be 40. I have a 10 year old Electromatic which I love, but want to start the search for something special now, 1 year out, to make sure there’s no rush and it’s the right one and so I don’t get bummed on ebay by a scally. You have 2 beautiful Chet ‘Gents, one of which is pre-Baldwin and one of which is a ’76 which is my birth year. Are the Baldwin era ones acceptably good? Worth having? I was looking for a 6120 ideally of similar vintage/birth year. But those 2 are beautful. Hope you catch my drift!? I am a serious buyer with an excellent reputation amongst the Leeds guitar stores through the years. Help me Obi Wan’s! Looking forward to your help in finding my precious! Hamish

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