measureinganut-150x150Measuring nut width on a guitar – Alongside the general sales enquiries we receive here at JGG regarding every aspect of buying a vintage guitar, we are often asked specific technical questions too. One of the most common we get asked about is how to measure a guitar’s nut width accurately. Read on and we’ll give you all the information you’ll need via a short video lesson.

Nut width is very important with guitars as it effects not only how wide the string spacing is on a guitar but also (as a result) how it actually feels to play.

In the video above, taken from our You Tube channel JGG vintage guitar expert Russ talks you through the correct way to measure the nut width of a guitar – accurately and without damaging your vintage instrument. Russ demonstrates the proper use of a caliper gauge so that you can easily measure your guitar’s nut.

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