Gibson ES-175 There’s nothing we like more here at JGG than putting the right guitar into the hands of a player who truly appreciates fine vintage instruments. Even we were surprised (and delighted) however when our good friend Mario in Italy sent us these terrific pictures of him unwrapping and then playing his beautiful new guitar – a 1951 Gibson ES-175.

After a series of exchanged e-mails enquiring about this wonderful vintage Gibson guitar, Mario finally decided that this was the guitar for him and we duly packed and sent it over to him in Italy. You can see his keen anticipation here in the first photograph as he unwrapped the guitar just after he received it from the couriers. As you can see, we take our packing very seriously too!

Gibson ES-175Mario had received the guitar even faster than we had quoted and his delight in playing it for the first time is very evident in the photographs, as he adds it to his incredible existing collection of beautiful guitars. We wish Mario many years of happy music making with this great Gibson guitar and our heartfelt thanks go to him for sending us these photographs which we just had to share.


Gibson ES-175Here’s what Mario wrote as a testimonial on our site too: “Not just great guitars: great site, great service, great musicians! Thanks for answering my every question, no matter how detailed. The guitar, Gibson 1951 ES175, was packaged perfectly and arrived at home in absolutely no time at all! The guitar itself was, no is, in better condition than the description. The sound is wonderful. A really “Great Guitar”!!! Thanks again!”


Gibson ES-175Thanks again Mario from all of us here at JGG.


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