Fender Princeton Reverb

Fender Princeton Reverb

The Princeton Reverb is the smallest of the blackface/silverface Fender amps with both tremolo and reverb effects added (distinguishing it from the regular Princeton model). It’s a firm favourite with both studio musicians and club players worldwide due to its warm tone and great ‘break-up’ at reasonable volume levels. With a 10 inch 8 Ohm Jenson or Oxford speaker, the amp runs at around 12-15 watts, making it perfect for small to medium sized club work.

Classic Fender tones with punchy responsive lows and wonderful ‘chiming’ clean sounds are simple to dial-in with this amp. The spring reverb and vibrato effects are foot-switcheable and both add real body and depth to the amplifier’s natural tone without masking your guitar’s own sonic characteristics.

In our opinion, the vibrato effect matches anything that is available in pedal form and the reverb is classic 60’s Fender tone-heaven from subtle ambience to full-on surf ‘twang’. Adding your favourite overdrive pedal between your guitar and the amp is super-easy too and enables you to really push the front-end of the amp with some classic rock tones which you can additionally control via your guitar’s volume knob. So is this really the ultimate club amp?…we’ll you’ll have to decide of course, but there are a lot of players out there who think it is.

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