white SG guitar, held in place for picture by hand

You’ve got to admire the spirit of this Chinese manufacturer, with their “12 years experience making all kinds of electric guitar”. Pioneers in the use of the eco-friendly potato-based wood replacement material called “mashogony“, these instruments pay homage to the designers of the Gibsons and Fenders who originally designed the guitars they have been making for the past 12 years.

One can admire the careful attention detail that goes into every aspect of the production and marketing process. Here, in the publicity shot we see the craftsman steadying the precious instrument for the photo but coming into contact with it only through a pure white cotton glove, thus protecting the finish from making contact with the oils of his hands.

The fact he is wearing a black puffa jacket and has stuck his hand through the backdrop would only be of concern to a purist. Certainly it didn’t bother the photographer, owner, marketing team or sales manager!

Ironically, I bet they are perfectly good guitars.

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