Fender Sidekick Amps in shoe shop

Fender Sidekick Amps in shoe shop

This photo was taken in New York last July in a shoe shop featuring one of the most Fender-inspired seats we’ve yet seen! Three side-by-side Fender Sidekick amps.

65 watts each, dual channel amps. Let’s hope no one was testing the amps whilst they were changing shoes!… Maybe they¬†were launching a new brand of shoes called ‘Side-Kickers’!!…who knows?

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  1. The 5D4 used one 8 ohm speaker and the 5D5 used two 10 inch 8 ohm skeapers in parallel (4 ohms). I don’t remember where I read this, though. They are the same amp except for the transformer. This is what I did on the last 5D4 that I made. I used a bassman reissue power transformer and the blues-deluxe output transformer with the 5d4 circuit. I replace the 56k resistor with a 10k resistor in series with a 100k pot. I labeled it mojo , but I found that fiddling with the mojo control made no big difference in tone or feedback. I replaced the 12ax7 on one channel with a 12au7. The amp, probably because the power transformer was higher voltage than spec, was very loud. It had a buttery smooth tone without much distortion. Everyone complained that my harp playing was too loud heaven!The only negative was that heater wiring was a mess and I didn’t know that you should twist them. All the wires were too long because I used an old chassis with the tubes in the wrong places. It hummed, but not too badly.I bought the Blues-Deluxe fender transformer from Angela.com because it has taps for 4 and 8 ohms at a lower primary impedance (like a tweed amp) and it only costs 38 dollars. They rape you on shipping, though.

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