52-Gold-Top-LPThere are few more iconic electric guitars than the Gibson Les Paul and alongside the legendary Fender Stratocaster, this guitar has almost single-handedly defined the instrumental sound of rock music for 50 years. You only have to think of players like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Joe Walsh and Slash to realise just how popular this guitar was and continues to be.

The 1952 Gold Top Les Paul featured two P-90 single-coil pickups, and a one-piece, ‘trapeze’-style bridge and tailpiece (the strings were fitted under – instead of over a steel stop-bar) The early 1952 Les Pauls were never stamped with serial numbers and did not have bound bodies, and are generally considered by some as “LP Model prototypes”. Later 1952 Les Pauls were eventually issued serial numbers and also came with bound bodies.

These early year Les Paul models, nicknamed “Goldtops”, have increasingly gained the interest of collectors and players, and along with their incredible tone, playability and sheer good looks (the design really couldn’t be any better) you are undoubtedly investing in a genuine piece of rock history.

This is one of the earliest of the 1952 Les Pauls and just oozes classic rock and blues tones. Despite its original intention to appeal to the jazz orientated players like Les Paul and Mary Ford, getting ‘Zeppelinesque’ tones is very easy and combining both pickups gives a wonderful midrange honk similar in style to early Jimmy Page crunch tones.

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