Gibson’s ES-175 is an iconic guitar favoured by many famous players ranging from the incredible Joe Pass through to the likes of Steve Howe [of Yes] and jazz virtuoso Pat Metheny. What a lot of followers of this wonderful guitar may not know is that Gibson also introduced a slimmed-down version of this guitar in […]

The Fender Deluxe Reverb is rightly considered one of the companies greatest achievements in amplifier design and has been a popular choice for recording and live performance for decades. Despite its 22 watt output, this amp is more than adequate volume-wise in rehearsals and small club work and via a microphone through a PA, it […]

In the hands of LA session guitarists like the legendary Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour, the Gibson ES-335 took on a new lease of life in the 1970’s as an instrument of choice for jazz rock players seeking to combine the vocabulary of rock with the intricate harmonies of jazz. The ES-335 was a perfect […]

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