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03 Gibson ES-137 Classic

Do anything you wanna do with this guitar - it does it all


The ES-137 is the 'up-market' version of the ES-135. It has gold plated hardware, figured maple body and humbuckers. Both guitars are amazingly good value for money modern Gibsons.

This one's almost as good as new, having some wear of the gold plating on the bridge and rear pick-up, and normal pick marks on the pick guard. But it's not going to cost you the same as a new one, so you can't really go wrong. What are you waiting for, buy it!

You cant help but notice this is a rich-looking guitar. Look at the depth of that finish, it's like a piano. The appointments are all gold plated and nitrocellulose lacquered just as they should be.

Next, you pick it up and notice the neck feels good in a round and chunky way. It's certainly not thin, neither is it really big like the earlier fifties necks. In fact it's a '59 Les Paul profile. Hey, do you think Gibson reckon that's a classic neck profile?

It's got weight too, that's because there's a mahogany block running through it so you get sustain and tone like a 335 but it borrows a lot from the Les Paul Custom including its pickups. This is a very versatile modern classic.

Now turn it over. The back is gorgeous figured and bookmatched curly maple, and the three coloured sunburst effect really brings out the fine colour and grain.

C'mon people, this guitar is priced to sell - we want the space for more vintage guitars, so please, someone, buy it and put it up on eBay - you'll make a profit!

ES-137 Features

  • Single florentine cutaway, semi hollow body
  • 3 piece maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • '59 Les Paul rounded profile neck
  • 243/4" scale length
  • Grover Keystone tuners
  • Curly maple laminate top, back and sides
  • 1 piece mahogany centre block
  • Two humbucker pickups (490R & 498T)
  • Original Gibson plush lined hard case

Gibsone ES137

Gibson, ES, ES137, ES-137, gold hardware, humbucker, Gibson electric guitar
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