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Gibson ES-125 TDC '66

Thoroughly good (geddit?) blues / funk /jazz machine


1966 was one of the golden years for vintage Gibson electric guitars, and this ES-125 TDC is absolutely as yummy as it looks. Gold knobs and near completely faded-out cherry sunburst finish give it amazing vintage looks (Gibson are now actually re-creating this finish in a replica of Slash’s original Les Paul click here for the Gibson Slash Les Paul). The Tune-O-Matic metal bridge gives it an edge that’s got just a bit more bite than the rosewood and helps to make this guitar incredibly versatile and usable.

Of course George Thorogood made this guitar hugely popular and it’s easy to create his tone – just use the bridge pickup and plenty of attack with your pick, but Emily Remler favoured the 125 Thinlines too, and switching to the neck pickup gives you beautiful warm jazz tones.

This guitar is in good original condition. Good twin pickup models like this are hard to find – ones with the original firestripe tortoishell pick guards and Kluson tuners are crazy hard to find.

Gibson ES-125 TDC Features

  • 16” maple laminate body with sharp Florentine cutaway and f holes
  • Two single coil P-90 pickups
  • Gold reflector knobs
  • Pickup selector switch
  • Metal Tune-O-Matic bridge (may or may not be original) on rosewood foot
  • Firestripe tortoishell pick guard
  • Mahogany neck with no volute
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • 20 frets with perloid dot markers
  • Trapeze tailpiece with raised diamond decoration
  • Kluson Deluxe three-on-a-plate tuners

Gibson ES-125 TDC Tags

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ES 125 sounds like this

As played by

George Thorogood, Emily Remler
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