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63 Gibson ES-125 T

Terrifyingly original ES125 thinline non-cutaway sunburst


Here's a must-have collector’s instrument. A non-cut ES125 isn't very common in the first place, but this one is super clean and, in Graham’s words, “terrifyingly original”, including its original alligator case complete with original dust!

My guess is this guitar has sat unplayed in case it’s for many years. And I think I know why – it had acoustic bronze strings on it and they don’t work so well on an electric guitar. Anyway, good news for us, because it has none of the issues you'd expect from a 45 year old 'players' guitar. It’s just lovely and clean.
Speaking of playing, this one's a joy. It has a proper gauge of fret wire - many 125s were fretted with painfully thin fret wire and there's very little fret wear. The neck is comfortable without being as big as the fatter fifties necks, being a gentle C section in profile.

The big P90 is makes these 125s sound great and we’ve strung it with skinny top 10s and heavy bottoms, with a wound third to correctly match the bridge intonation and deliver that great vintage vibe.

ES-125 Features

  • Arched maple top with f-holes, maple back
  • Bound body
  • Mahogany sides and neck
  • Tortoise pickguard
  • Neck joins at 14th fret, 20 fret fingerboard
  • 16¼" wide, 1¾" deep, 24¾" scale
  • Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays
  • Adjustable compensated rosewood bridge
  • Nickel trapeze tailpiece
  • 3 per side nickel plated Kluson Deluxe tuners
  • Gold reflector cap volume and tone knobs
  • Single coil P-90 pickup
  • Sunburst finish
  • Alligator soft shell case

Vintage Gibson ES125 Guitar

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