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Gibson L-50 1952 jazz box

Strong voiced vintage Gibson L50 archtop acoustic


Like the Gibson L-7 and L-5 before it, the L-50 archtop was a very popular jazz box produced between ‘32 and ‘71. Unlike its more expensive stable mates, the L-50 only cost $50, which no doubt is what made it so popular.

The guitar was originally introduced with a 14¾” body width in 1932, but this was increased to 16” (with a more bell-like shape) three years later to match the body dimensions of the L-4 and ES-175. The result is a carved top archtop guitar which is comfortable to hold, projects well, and has a neck geared towards effortlessly speedy and accurate play.

The sheer power produced by this box is something to be heard to be believed. Volume-wise, it packs a punch - back in the fifties, players in a large ensemble would use a guitar like the L-50 to avoid being drowned out and carry their sound over the rest of the band. These players were an important part of the rhythm section, but also had to be heard when the time came for their guitar solo.

Although it holds nothing back in volume, this isn’t at the expense of tone. While it has a really strong voice, it never sounds boomy, no matter how much you put it through its paces - just bright, open, clean sounds which is exactly what we like about this post-war L-50. A lot of the tonal clarity can be put down to the superbly crafted materials including that legendary hand carved spruce top, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, solid mahogany neck and maple back and sides.

It's clearly been enjoyed a lot over the last fifty years, and has some moderate player wear on the top and sides as can be seen in the pictures. The corners of the headstock have some wear and there is a ding on the heel plus the hole from a previous strap button.

Everything on this good, honest Gibson L-50 is original, including the 5-ply bevelled pick guard and comes in a modern hard case. Once again, this is a guitar which is guaranteed to delight its new owner, and that’s a promise made with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Gibson L-50 features

  • 16” bound body with f holes
  • Carved solid spruce top
  • Maple back & sides
  • Mahogany bound neck
  • Brazilian rosewood fretboard with trapezoid inlays
  • 24¾” scale length
  • 1-11/16” width at nut
  • Kluson Deluxe nickel plated tuners with tulip buttons
  • Nickel trapeze tailpiece with raised diamond crossbar
  • 5-ply pick guard with bevelled edge
  • Adjustable Brazilian rosewood compensated bridge
  • Modern plush hard case

L-50 tags

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