Gibson ES-175 – A/B Test – One of the most common questions we get asked here at JGG, is how to differentiate between different years/models of the same guitar. When a guitar has been manufactured for many years, it often goes through a number of cosmetic and electrical design changes, which can be anything from different finishes (sunburst, natural etc.) through to changed pickup configurations and electrics.

Neck profiles and nut widths sometimes vary considerably between different years of manufacture and this can lead to a lot of confusion when you are in the market for a high quality vintage guitar unless you know an expert in the field.

In the case of the ES-175, Gibson have manufactured this iconic guitar since 1949 when it was introduced as a laminate top alternative to the L5 and as an electric version of the L4. It is still produced by the company and remains one of their most popular models. Over the years there have been a number of changes in the basic ES-175 design and we asked our resident vintage guitar guru Russ to run an A/B test on two guitars from the JGG collection.

In the two videos here, (taken from the JGG You Tube Channel) Russ talks you through the main design points and cosmetic details of a 1968 model and also a 1972 ES-175.



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