Nice picture of Mark Ronson and a vintage natural Epiphone Century guitar. Check out the thinline Epi Century fitted with dead cool Bigsby on the JGG site at:

Gibson’s Big Red 33s


Both from 1968, both cherry red, the Gibson on the left is a 335, the one on the right a long-neck 330. These big 33s share identical body and neck shapes. The 330 is a hollow-body guitar with chrome-covered single-coil P-90 pickups. The 335 has humbucker pickups, Kluson deluxe tuners and a solid block through […]

A pair of Vintage Gibson ES-125 TC guitars (1963 and 1962 from left to right) Here's a fun little quiz – which one is worth (a lot) more? Some clues: both have wonderfully unfaded, original cherry sunburst finishes; metal bridges were an option and do not affect value; pickguards are 'nice to have' and affect […]

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