Gibson ES-175D 1972

1972 Gibson ES-175D

Early 70s Gibson jazz stunner

Occasionaly we come across a Gibson made after 1970 that is clearly GREAT. This is one such guitar.

It’s in outstanding condition, completely original and the slightly faded cherry sunburst is just so alluring you cant leave it alone.

It’s a little heavier than a 68 or 69, but with a bigger-feeling neck. There’s no volute which is a good thing, and those distinctive 72 embossed pickups sound as good as they look.


Price: £2,999.00
S/N: R407


1972 Gibson ES-175D Description

1972 Gibson ES-175D – Arguably the most famous Gibson archtop model, this 1972 instrument is a single cutaway beauty with a  three-piece maple neck and two Gibson humbuckers. The rosewood fingerboard is a true joy to play and you can immediately hear (and feel) why this guitar has earned its enviable position of player popularity.

From intricate chordal work through to articulate single-line playing, this ES-175D plays like a dream and the two Gibson humbuckers deliver that much copied, but never equaled vintage tone. the workmanship on this guitar is first class as you’d expect from Gibson, with a great attention to both cosmetic detail and playability.

An original early 70’s guitar which comes with the case it was sold in, this represents a great investment for both the player and the collector and is a surprisingly versatile sounding instrument which covers a lot of musical ground.

1972 Gibson ES-175D Features

  • Single-cut away full depth hollow-body guitar with f holes
  • 3-piece maple neck
  • Rosewood fretboard with double-parallelogram markers
  • Single-bound body and neck
  • Crown inlay and Gibson logo on headstock
  • Kluson deluxe tuners with tulip-shaped buttons
  • 5 Ply pickguard
  • Rosewood compensated bridge
  • Trapeze tailpiece with triple raised parallelograms
  • Two humbucking pickups with ‘Gibson’ stamped on the covers
  • Black ‘witches’ hat’ tone and volume controls
  • Original Gibson hard case

  • Like it, wanna play it?

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  • What people are saying

    Fabulous guitar - thank you so much. The condition is remarkable It's just so easy to play.

    Chris, UK

    Gibson ES-175D

    The guitar arrived safely. I’ve only played with it for a bit, but my first impression is that it’s the most beautiful guitar I’ve ever played. Looks, tone, feel. Yeah, it sounds like golden sunshine, especially those high notes. In fact it sounds like a record! I think I found MY perfect guitar.

    Stpehen, UK

    Gibson ES-175 1965

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